Monday, July 11, 2011

Mystery Host Party!

I know summer is a CRAZY time for everyone and not everyone has time to hold their own party or to even attend someone else's party. So with that in mind I am hosting a weeklong "Mystery Host Party!"
Here is what you need to do to participate...

*Call (208-703-2231) or email me with your order anytime between today and Sunday July 17th.
*For every $50 of jewelry you order, your name will be entered into a drawing at the end of the week, and the winner of the drawing will be named the “JK Mystery Host!” (For example, if you order $125 of jewelry, your name will go in twice. If you order $163 of jewelry, you’ll be entered three times.)
* The winning JK Mystery Host can earn all the same exciting Host Rewards as the Host of an in-home JK Party (FREE Host Gift, JK Kash discounts and even half-price booking rewards if any participants schedule a future in-home JK Party during this weeklong Mystery Host Party)!
*You will also get an extra entry thrown in if you book a party with me for the month of August!
*I will announce the winner at 10p.m. Sunday July 17th.

So you now have ZERO excuses to place an order! You don't even have to go anywhere AND you even have a chance of becoming the "Mystery Host" and winning FREE jewelry! So tell all your friends about this and have them get their orders in too!! Happy Shopping everyone!:)

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  1. Mystery host party seems to be a good idea. My friend is organizing her company event at one of the sophisticated Venues in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. She wants all the arrangements to be perfectly done. Hope her boss is impressed by her efforts.